Flavor Information

We back up our claim that our Fried Pork Skins, or "Pork Rinds" are the best on the internet: We use only premium skins from select pork bellies, specially bred to have less fat on the skin, so that the protein content in our skins is higher than other brands. Less fat and more meat means better taste for you. Also, we use an exclusive smoking process; our skins are smoked twice as long as other brands, for a unique and unforgettable eating experience. We have a very carefully controlled and regulated cooking process which ensures consistantly fluffy and light tasting pork skins. Other brands cook a too low a temerature, resulting in the skins taking in too much vegetable oil and becoming greasy, but ours will melt in your mouth!

For Specific Questions, e-mail The Porkmaster or call the "internet specialty foods" hotline, at (512) 428-9069 CST 7AM to 7PM Weekdays, and 8 - 5 Sat & Sun. Here is some more information on specific flavors:


Perfect for any snacking occasion! We suggest dipping with sour cream, squeezing fresh lemon juice on them, or eating with your favorite salsa. Replace tortilla chips with Pork Skins in any Mexican recipe, and have yourself a low-carb treat!


Same as our regular brand, but with a Texas-friendly level of heat. Not too hot to make you jump in the Frio River, but not too tame either; Don't eat these without an adequate beverage supply near by!

Chile Lemon

Same as our hot brand, but with the extra zip of lemons! Chile Lemon is a common flavoring in Mexican and South American foods, and will surely be a hit for the more adventuresome pork rind consumer!

Chili & Cheese

Our most esoteric line of pork skins. These rinds truly require no condiment to enhance the eating experience. Not spicy at all, and just flavorful enough to make you want to eat a Texas Sized bag (3 oz.) in one sitting; that's 6 servings, after all!

Lemon Pepper

Similar to Chile Lemon, but with black pepper instead of red.