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Pork Rinds in the Arts:

"Pork rinds aren't really leather
but don't qualify as meat.

While I don't eat pork,
the concept of humans eating
pig-skin is kind of neat."


Pork rinds & wood
20” x 18” x 12”

Stuart L. Wagner

For as long as man has been domesticating pigs, consumption of the animal's skin has inspired songs and poetry. Artist Jill Huggins has created an original album of her songs titled Chardonnay and Pork Rinds. Hip-hop/R&B artists Chicarones have an album titled Pork Rind Disco and another called When Pigs Fly. Here's a song called Pork Rind DiscothequePorkrinds inspired Forrest Ermine to pen "Eew, Pork Rinds"—A parody of Boston’s “Peace of Mind.”

Another example of artistic genius as expressed relating to pork rinds is by Zimmer's Hole:

Pork Rind Toes

Pork rind toes, pork rind toes
Dirty, grainy, toenail surprise

Pork rind toes, pork rind toes
Dirty, grainy, toenail surprise

Pork rind toes, pork rind toes
Hot knife lips, 2 litre
Cottage cheese tub hips
Pork rind toes, she's got pork rind toes
Pork rind toes

Here's a nice cartoon with pork rind poetry by Mynarski Forest "Pork Rinds & You Ain't Good For My Heart":

A very creative percussionist designed a drum made out of a pork rind container!

Lastly, there's Redneck Rampage, a video game in which redneck protagonists eat porkrinds to recharge their life force.


Pork Rinds as Big Business:

 According to The Associated Press, Americans spent $469 million on Pork Rinds in 2002, down from $840 million in 1998 at the height of the Atkins craze.   So let's say that a bag of Pork Rinds costs a dollar.  If you take all the rinds out and put them on a table and lay them out in a straight line, it'll go about a yard.  $840M * 1bagPorkRinds/$1 * 1yard/1bagPorkRinds * 1mile/1760yards =  477273 miles of Pork Rinds per year.  That's almost enough Pork Rinds to get to the moon and back.  Another way to look at it: If Americans chose to forgo Pork Rinds for a year, they could pay off one third of the Sub Saharan African Nation of Chad's external debt. A Chicago pork rinds company is desperately trying to change the image normally associated with the Pork Rind Consumer (a quote from the page): "Additionally,the company conducted a survey in affluent suburbs of Chicago and found that a great number of grocery stores carried pork rinds. This indicates the product is gaining acceptance among a great variety of consumers."  Although another company, Rudolph Foods, based in Lima concedes that "Convenience stores and 'up and down the street' accounts still represent 60% of sales." By the way, this company's motto is "discover the taste of success." From these reports, it's not looking like Porkrinds are moving into the mainstream snack arena anytime soon, but there is hope.  A bag was recently found at a software company's vending machine, and they are for sale at my Wal-mart superstore... Somebody sent us a company tour of a pork rind distillery, complete with animated pictures of their operations. check it out!

Only in America, where the greed and misanthropy of corporations is equalled to the gullability of consumers, could pork rinds ever be marketed as health food. But that is exactly what the Atkins corporation tried to do, as described in this NPR interview. Fortunately for overworked cardiologists, the zero-carb diet fad seems to have waned, leading to the bankruptcy of the spearhead of the movement, Atkins. More pork rind woes include Evans Food Products' recall of pork rinds for possible salmonella contamination. If you are interested to learn more about the future of the pork rind and meat snack industry, you can buy a report from Business Trend Analysts, Inc., for only $2,195.

Jews in the Porkrind industry: as most people know, Jews consider pigs to be archetypal unclean animals, and thus cannot eat them. I asked my rabbi, and he said that there is nothing in the laws of Judaism, however, that prohibit Jews from making or selling pork products. On this Jewish News Weekly of Northern California website, there is a story about an Orthodox Jew who worked in a pork rind factory. When you're done reading the page, be sure to notice that the Google ads on the right are a little inappropriate to the readership. Also, here is a story about how your humble author, a Jew, became the first person in the world to sell pork rinds on the Internet.

There are dozens of brands of pork rinds. How does one choose the pork rind that best fits his or her needs? Fortunately for us, two different websites, one in America, and one in Europe, have taken the trouble to review several different brands of pork rinds. The American company,, a pre-IPO dot-com company, is currently looking for a Cheese Puffs Editor in case our dear reader needs a job.


Pork Rinds in Literature and Academia:

A surprising number of educators have used Porkrinds to hammer home ideas about Biology, Economics and other Academic issues.  Did you know that Pork Rinds are classified as extruded snacks?  Pork Rinds have been used at such fine institutions as Missisippi State University to bring home such lofty Economic concepts as Budget Constraints, Utility Maximization Conditions and Indifference Curves. Those students interested in Engineering should check out the foodesign home page... make your own damn Pork Rinds with the Immerso-Cook direct fired, indirect fired and thermal fluid cooking/frying system. Who said learning can't be fun?

Pork rinds have also inspired literature such as Little Miss Pork Rinds by Imzadi, a book titled Dirty, Rotten, Stinkin' Pork Rinds by Emmanuel Florial (costs only $1!), and a short story called "Chicharrones" by Julin Segura Camacho on a Chicano literature website. Last but not least, my sister, who helped me type up this page, is a folk singer who is working on writing a song about pork rinds.

Pork Rinds in Society:

Pork rinds have had an indelible impact on our modern society and culture. One example of how pork rinds have influenced political affairs is shown by the buying of votes in an Appalachian mayoral race with pork rinds as well as beer and cigarettes. Another expression of how pork rinds are highly valued in society can been seen in the annual Pork Rind Heritage Festival in Harrod, Ohio, which includes a pork rind parade. For those seeking an online community for people with an unnatural urge for pork rinds, try this site.

One can find out more about the illustrious history of the spicy microwaveable pork rind, dating back to 1513, here.

Finally, according to the Adult Film Database, there is an adult film actor with the screen name Pork Rinds.

The Pork Rind Gourmet

When we think of pork rinds, we normally associate them with salty, and/or savory flavors, but in recent years, a few twisted individuals have tried to market pork rinds as a dessert. I usually really dislike pork rinds, but when I tried cinnamon and Splenda pork rinds, I couldn't help but eat the whole bag in one sitting, because they tasted exactly like the cinnamon crisps that you get for dessert at Taco Bell, but they fill you up a lot more satisfactorily because of their high protein content. Here is where you, too, can buy Cinnamunch Pork Puffs. Or you can make your own. You can also find sugar-free Belgian chocolate-dipped pork rinds in the gourmet foods section of, and on the dessert menu of some upscale New York City restaurants.

You can also make your own pork rind cakes here. There are hundreds of recipes out there that include pork rinds, but here is the worst, frozen pork rind-chocolate-cheese-maple-bacon-jalapeno fondue with anchovies.


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